Worldwide Entertainer

The Great Wolynski

Mauro Wolynski

The Great Wolyski

Mauranga Company has already presented his show in over 38 countries and more than 45 festivals throughout his career, winning several international awards. The audience always reacts with laughter and spontaneous applause. It would be a great pleasure to perform at your festival, I’am ready to give you my best performace.

Welcome To The Fantastic World Of The Great Wolynski

A versatile, skilled and crazy artist who performs a show based on physical feats and comic interaction with the audience, creating a shameless and fun universe.

Wolynski uses few words, inventing a comedy show for all audiences and ages.

This one-man show combines circus, comedy and live music.

He is a skilled clown who plays with basketballs, manipulation hats and rotating china plates

A one-man band with giant bicycle horns who interacts with the public by making them participate actively, transforming the shows into popular festivals that lead to a spontaneous and amazing ending

This particular universe is the richness of this journey.

“Let yourself be surprised by the Fantastic Wolynski. A unique and original show that you will not see every day “



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